Calista and Kevin | Engagement Session | Beaver Creek State Park

I first met Calista last year when she scheduled a boudoir session with me (Intimates by Erica). She was fun, and outgoing and was really a blessing to photograph. And then we were blessed again with photographing her engagement session. It’s clear to us that Kevin and Calista absolutely belong together. They’re both super sweet, kind and such a blast to be around! Their first session took place where they will be getting married, Beaver Creek State Park. We had to reschedule a couple times, and almost had to again due to rain. Kevin made the decision to keep the session booked and to just go with it and see what we could get done. It didn’t rain until we got them in their first pose and got the equipment set up! When I say rain, I actually mean poured. We couldn’t hear each other talking, and rain was just rolling down my face like a stream. Boy, was it difficult but SO worth it. Jake shot, while I held an umbrella above him, and an umbrella out to the side to bounce the light at them. It was quite a set up, and view. Eventually, the rain let off and we were able to photograph during that peaceful, relaxing moment that comes along after a nice summer storm. Regardless of how difficult it was, we soon realized that this was MUCH more fun than expected! Calista and Kevin were such awesome sports and weren’t afraid to get a little dirty! Here’s a look into all of the fun we had! 

We were soaked, muddy, and had too many mosquito bites to count. But, we would do it all over again in a heartbeat. 

We met up again, on a MUCH nicer day for their next session, which took place where they met, Conway Softball Fields. Calista was new to the softball team. She couldn’t make it to the first practice she was invited to, and felt so bad she made it a point to stop by and introduce herself. Kevin saw her all the way across the field, and just knew. This is also the field where Kevin pitched to her and she hit her first home run over the fence! The way Kevin treats Calista and her son Trevor is just absolutely heart warming! Seriously, such an adorable family! 

We seriously can’t wait for their wedding, and to see what the future holds for them! 

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