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  1. {Sneak Peeks} Moira and Mark’s Strip District Engagement

    2017-03-07 13:40:00 UTC

    We love when we get to explore new places we haven’t shot at before, especially with such a sweet couple like Moira and Mark! It was so chilly during their session but they totally rocked it! We are so excited to photograph their Gateway Clipper Wedding in September! Here are…

  2. Melissa + Larry + Izzy - Wampum Engagement Photography

    2016-10-29 23:11:00 UTC

    Even though it was rainy during the day, the weather cleared up and was absolutely perfect for Melissa & Larry’s engagement session! We had the privilege to shoot on my boss’ ranch and it was the best location ever! Somehow even though it was gloomy all evening, we ended up…

  3. John & Monica - Engagement Photography Beaver County

    2016-10-03 16:53:00 UTC

    Sometimes you don’t need an elaborate location for your engagement photos! We love John & Monica’s backyard photo shoot! We were planning on doing nighttime campfire photos as well, but it was a rainy week and was just too damp to get a fire started, but we got a gorgeous…

  4. Christine & Hunter - High School Sweetheart Engagement

    2016-07-06 14:02:00 UTC

    I remember seeing Christine and Hunter walking down the halls together in high school as a little 8th grader, and thinking “I can’t wait to have that kind of relationship!”. Although I never talked to them, or even knew anything about their relationship, I just knew what they had together…

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