Your love is straight out of a movie

Just like our photography style! We turn your love story into individual pieces of art, vividly photographing every part of your wedding day like scenes from your favorite romance movie! Our goal is to create wedding photos that are so detailed and timeless, when you look at them in 50 years you'll feel like you're right there all over again! 

Dynamic Duo 

We started E&J Photographers after only TWO months of dating! After 10+ years and over 100 weddings we can literally read each other's mind across a crowded dance floor. It certainly comes in handy when you're photographing fleeting moments. It's so nice to have two main photographers capturing your day, but also to have one of us assisting, fixing dresses, hair, and posing every detail. We promise you'll never have to ask "What do I do with my hands?" 

Best of both worlds

Candid photos are some of our favorite (and most requested!) to capture! Whether it's your best friend crying during your I do's,  your grandma getting down on the dance floor, or the way your love looks at you, we are here to capture all the authentic, candid moments of your special day! But we also believe it's very important to have quality, traditional portraits of your loved ones! How often does all of your family get together, let alone get family portraits?! We use this rare opportunity to capture your loved ones and PROMISE you'll be so happy to have a mix! 


Let's talk about your forever after! 

We typically book out 9-16 months in advance and have a set limit of numbers we take on each year. 

You have your forever love, your wedding date picked and your dream venue booked! 

Now is definitely the time to reach out and lock us in! 

We are here to answer any questions so you feel confident checking off another box on your wedding to-do list! 


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