Mr and Mrs Harty - Beaver Creek State Park

There’s entirely too much I could say about Kevin, Calista, their family, friends and their beautiful nontraditional wedding. Call me obsessed, whatever. But these two are AWESOME! I’ve never seen a love quite like Kevin and Calista’s before. It’s incredibly strong, playful and just precious all at the same time. We were honored to capture their gorgeous fall wedding at Beaver Creek State Park!  

Did you see that dress?! I would wear it every single day. 

Calista had her two dads walk her down the aisle to the chapel where she met her son Trevor. LOVE that she incorporated all three of them in this beautiful moment. Look at Kevin’s smile as he sees his bride for the first time! Nothing but joy! There’s something so sweet about a bride and groom hugging after their first kiss. Really melts my heart. 

It started to rain right after the ceremony, but these guys still rocked their portraits! 

Those cupcakes = AMAZING. 

Kevin and Calista made sure they pulled aside their guests to get pictures with them. Best. Idea. EVER!

The night was concluded with dipping their feet in the pool! It was such a fun day! 

Thank you BOTH again and again for the opportunity to capture your precious moments. We love you both! 

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