Mr and Mrs Hess - Morning Glory Inn Wedding

Lauren and Adam got married exactly a month ago at the Morning Glory Inn in Pittsburgh and we’re STILL swooning over it! Sometimes you don’t need a long guest list, extravagant decorations and an elaborate reception to have the best day ever. In fact, small intimate weddings are our favorite! Big weddings are great, but these laidback weddings always remind us of what’s important - spending time with family & friends and celebrating LOVE. Lauren and Adam got ready, married and danced the night away at the Inn which made the day so laid-back, easy and fun! We enjoyed amazing tacos, live music and very special moments between them and their loved ones. It was a beautiful day with such a sweet couple!  

My absolute favorite thing about their wedding was they opened up the speeches to anyone that wanted to say something. All their friends and family were gathered around sharing advice, stories, well wishes and we even got a super cool ventriloquist show! We love these personal, real moments! 

Another favorite part of their wedding was their first dance. Their friends and family gathered together on the porch behind them and enjoyed watching their first dance together as husband and wife. We love seeing everyone in the background! 

The remainder of the night was spent drinking white claws, dancing and sitting around the patio enjoying everyone’s company. It was truly a beautiful night and we are so happy for Lauren & Adam. They have gone through some challenging times together but have always come out on top. Much like Jake and I, they are truly each other’s best friends and it shows. Lauren and Adam are the kindest, sweetest couple and we wish them a lifetime of happiness! 

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