Mr and Mrs Perry - Beaver Train Station

Caitlyn and Bobby’s story is truly beautiful and we really relate to their relationship. Caitlyn and Bobby first started talking online 8 years ago. Bobby was living in Massachusetts, and Caitlyn was living here. The first time they met in person was at the Pittsburgh Airport when Bobby flew down. The second time they saw each other was when Caitlyn flew to Massachusetts to meet Bobby’s family. And the third time they saw each other was a few months later when they moved into their new home together. When you feel that connection with someone, you don’t question time, distance, logistics or anything. All you know is this is the person you want to be with and nothing will stop you.  They’ve even had Caitlyn’s engagement ring YEARS before their engagement, they just KNEW it was right. 

Of course, Caitlyn will openly admit that it hasn’t been easy and they’ve gone through some major challenges together but in the end, all the ups and downs has made their friendship and love rock solid. They’re each other’s best friends and it’s so evident in how they treat each other. 

We were so honored to capture their love and celebrate their marriage surrounded by their friends and family. They got married at the Beaver Train Station on probably the sunniest day of the year (We’ve had more rainy days than Seattle so far this year! -_- ) and it couldn’t have been more beautiful. We’re so excited for them to begin this next journey and we can’t wait to see what life brings them! 

How gorgeous of a bride is she?!

I love that Caitlyn had first looks with both her bridesmaids and her dad! 

The ceremony may have been super hot but it was amazing to see the train pass by. Caitlyn and Bobby have traveled great distances for each other and having that transportation theme just ties their story all together! 

Since it was so hot and sunny after the ceremony, we enjoyed dancing and dinner and then headed back outside for evening portraits. 

We wanted to do something completely different than we’ve ever seen before. While taking photos of their sweetheart table, we saw a photo opportunity that tied together their donut table (their cake!), their last name, the Train Station’s original stain glass windows from 1897, the train tracks and of course them all at once. Never been done before! 

We also went back out after the reception and had to recreate one of their engagement photos - Bobby’s pose! This completely sums up their relationship. They will always have each other’s backs, will always support each other through the good and bad and are each other’s best friends and I don’t think there’s a better photo that portrays that! 

We want to thank Caitlyn and Bobby, their family and friends for being so amazing to work with! May you two have a lifetime of love, happiness and strength! 

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