Mr and Mrs Protzman - Franzee’s & Javy’s Wedding

Shawna and I were best friends growing up, between cheerleading, watching Bring it On on repeat or our countless sleep overs, we were practically inseparable. We had so much fun and I was so excited when she contacted us to do her wedding! We may have went our separate ways like most do during High School but being able to provide these photos for her and Nate, and their families, is such an honor and I’m forever grateful! 

My first time meeting Nate I immediately saw how great of a guy he is and how compatible him and Shawna are. Nate is one of the kindest guys we’ve met, and we aren’t just saying that because he could probably throw us both across the room -haha! Nate and Shawna are big into bodybuilding and lifting together and it’s super cool seeing them have the same passion and interest like Jake and I do. We can tell that they are each other’s best friends! 

The funniest part about this entire process with Nate and Shawna is the weather just DID NOT want to cooperate. We probably rescheduled their engagement session 20 times from spring through summer all because of rain. It literally rained every single day we had them scheduled. The day that we were able to grab a few photos, it was FULLY sunny and beautiful out on the way to the location - and then we got there and it poured out of nowhere! Thankfully we were able to grab a few in between the down pour. Shawna and Nate booked their wedding in October so they could have cool weather but wouldn’t you know it was 84 degrees! It was beautiful though and we made it work! 

We first met Shawna at her house for getting ready, and then Jake separated and went to capture the guys getting ready. 

We then headed to St Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church in Ambridge for their ceremony. We had done a ceremony here before - actually for two teachers that Shawna, Jake and I had in school! This church NEVER gets old. It is by far one of the most beautiful churches we have photographed at. We love that Shawna had both her dad and step dad walk her down the aisle. 

We took their bridal portraits in Sewickley! Shawna picked two gorgeous locations! 

This was our first time photographing at Franzee’s & Javy’s Banquet Hall but now we can’t wait to do more weddings there! We loved how roomy it is and the hanging lights that look incredible in the background of photos. It was so fun photographing so many familiar faces on the dance floor and capturing all these special moments for Shawna and Nate. Their friends and family are so sweet and helpful! 

We LOVE brides that are on the dance floor - look how happy Shawna is! It was a perfect wedding for a perfect couple and we wish them nothing but the best! Congratulations Mr and Mrs Protzman!! 

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