Our favorite wedding moments from 2015

What a year it’s been! 2015 was filled with more growth than we could have ever imagined. We improved our style, process and found new lighting techniques! We met SO many amazing people along the way that have made this journey incredible. So many beautiful brides and grooms, fabulous families and weddings that we will forever cherish. Every wedding was unique and special, and consisted of some AMAZING moments. We’ve listed some of our favorites! 

Mr and Mrs Kampfer- When I think of belly laughs that make you feel like you’re getting abs, Vikki and Chris immediately come to mind. This wedding was such a blast, and incredibly beautiful, too! The dollar dance, as you can see was very interesting. On one side of the dance floor, we had Vikki dancing with her loved ones. Laughing, hugging, crying, but very calmly. There were some touching moments that I had to look away from before I teared up like a big baby. And when I looked away, I’d find Chris on the other side of the dance floor, spinning EVERYONE around. Some he’d even pick up and spin. Here you can see him… well I’m not really sure what he’s doing. The difference between personalities and emotions had Jake and I laughing the whole night! 

The FUNNIEST moment of my photography career happened because of Chris. Yes, that’s Jake spinning around with him. Jake was so confused when Chris pulled him onto the dance floor. I cried laughing then and I still do every time I look at the pictures. 

Mr and Mrs Luck- the most relatable, laid back couple! From our first meeting together I knew there’d be a great relationship between us. Their summer wedding on The Gateway Clipper was absolutely beautiful. The bridal party and family were so helpful and hilarious. During the ceremony, I took position right next to them. I heard their vows, I saw their tears. But most importantly, I witnessed their happiness and laughter. Jon, like the rest of us, was sweating. This was Joeylynne’s reaction to kissing him. Went something like “EW you’re sweaty!” and shooed him away. It was nice to see some playfulness during a time that’s usually pretty serious. 

Another favorite moment- this guy! He was taking pictures of the city behind him. I asked him to turn around and this was his reaction. Pretty sure every guest there let out a big “AWE!”. How could you not? He’s too stinkin’ adorable! 

Another favorite moment from a Gateway Clipper wedding- Mr and Mrs Carter. LaMar’s reaction to seeing his beautiful wife Angel walk down the aisle to him! How precious! This is the reaction every single girl hopes for on her wedding day!  

Mr and Mrs Dixon - Their beautiful outdoor wedding at SNPJ was full of smiles and happy tears. What we love about outdoor weddings, absolutely no restrictions on where we can stand. Which means, AWESOME up close shots of all of those beautiful emotions. This candid moment really shows you their happiness and how much they adore each other. 

Mr and Mrs McCartney- such an adorable, laid back couple with the sweetest family! There were a ton of hilarious memories from their fall wedding, but my personal favorite is how giggly Krystle was. It was just so cute! You know you’re truly happy when you just can’t help but to giggle, even during your vows! 

Mr and Mrs Harty- The strongest love I’ve ever witnessed. Kevin and Calista really showed us what it means to be in the moment and to only focus on what’s important. Calista didn’t even have her flowers ready two hours before the wedding, but she didn’t care. She shrugged it off and said “It doesn’t matter! I’m getting married today guys!” with the most positive attitude ever. These two absolutely define love in every single way. Think we should get Merriam-Webster to put their picture beside “perfect” and “love”.

And of course we can’t forget about this one! The day my mom and step-dad got married! What an honor it was to photograph this day. Couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day. And I couldn’t have possibly wished for a better guy for my mom! Every lady deserves someone who treats and looks at them the same way Chester does with my mom! 

2015 was better than our wildest dreams, and we owe ALL of our amazing clients a huge thank you! We couldn’t have done it without you! 

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