Rainy Backyard Ceremony - Alysha & JR

One thing we’ve learned as wedding photographers is weddings are SO unpredictable. Regardless of how much planning you do things are going to happen that you won’t be prepared for - and that’s okay! The life you’re about to spend with your new spouse is going to have ups, downs and surprises galore and that’s what makes it so exciting. Weddings are just as unpredictable as life, and it’s fun to just roll with it. We’ve gotten pretty good at adapting to ANYTHING, but this was certainly a first for us! Alysha and JR planned to get married in the field behind Alysha’s mom’s house, but it was calling for rain. So they cancelled the chair order and moved everything into their reception hall. Then the weather showed it wouldn’t rain during their ceremony so we went back to the original plan! As we were headed out to the field, there was a huge dark cloud headed our way. With guests standing and our gear covered in plastic baggies, it started to POUR right as the girls were walking down. Normally Jake and I double shoot to get different angles but this was impossible so we adapted right in the middle of the ceremony. We had to protect our gear so Jake held an umbrella over me as I shot the ceremony, moving with me as I tried working different angles while also one handedly taking a few shots himself with a telephoto lens. It was definitely challenging and without the proper knowledge or equipment, this ceremony would have been impossible to shoot. 

And although getting married in a downpour isn’t necessarily ideal, it is definitely so fun to look back on and it’s unforgettable! The guys’ outfits completed the rainy day look and gave the entire ceremony The Notebook vibe - how romantic! It was fun, chaotic and extraordinary and we are so happy we were there to capture it! 

We absolutely love how all the guests and bridal party totally came together and embraced the rain to celebrate Alysha and JR’s union. It was the quickest ceremony we’ve had but it was so so special. We figured it was so unique it deserved a blog post all of it’s own. Stay tuned for more photos from their wedding! 

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