Sorya’s Penn State Behrend Graduation

Whether you’re graduating from High School or College, you’ve just worked endlessly hard for four years to pursue your dreams. You may have thought you’d never get through the work load, the study sessions, the finals but here you are! You did it! We are firm believers that you should always capture the big moments in life so when Sorya’s mom reached out to us - all the way from California! - to photograph Sorya before she graduates from Penn State Behrend, we were super excited! 

We love graduation shoots and think everyone should celebrate their achievements with one! We had an awesome time photographing Sorya and her friends on Penn State Behrend’s campus. We walked around and talked about their future plans. Sorya and Maryna will be moving after graduation. Sorya will be heading back to California and Maryna to Florida. As all three of them start their new lives, now living across the country from each other, it was super important to capture the bond they’ve formed over the past four years. They were a fun bunch! 

Me: Wow! You guys are amazing at fake laughing! 

Them : We’re in a sorority. 

Best. Response. Ever! They were REALLY good at fake laughing though! 

We are so excited for their upcoming graduation and for them to pursue their dreams! 

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