Sunflower Field Engagement - Alysha & Jr

When we met with Alysha and Jr to discuss being their wedding photographers, Alysha told us she would definitely be interested in a sunflower field engagement session. That was the first time she won our hearts. In late July, Alysha contacted us saying sunflowers were blooming so we went on a wild goose chase to find a perfect sunflower field, since the one we discussed wasn’t planted this year! Thankfully, one of our friends/bride from last year let us use her husband’s! It was so perfect and when I first saw it, I was in awe. I knew it would create fantastic pictures! 

We met bright and early on a Saturday, the sun wasn’t out just yet and there was still dew on the ground. To tell you how sweet they are, they brought us coffee. Second time they won our hearts! We spent about an hour or so navigating the muddy sunflower field and laughing. There was so much laughter! Alysha and Jr are complete naturals in front of the camera, even though it was their first time doing a professional photo shoot. That’s how compatible they are! They laughed so naturally together and were total rock stars. The sun did come out towards the end of the session which gave them a gallery of both dramatic and bright. We got so muddy but it was totally worth it! The connection they share is definitely admirable and we can’t wait to capture that on their wedding day this coming up spring!

Take a look at some of their engagement pictures and see for yourself how perfect they are! 

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