Hey there friend! We have quite the session to show you today! Jake and I decided we would make 2015 incredible. Our goal was to set our work away from the rest. To provide our clients with unique images. We were dreaming of bright colors, dramatic lighting and more creative ideas. We were a little nervous showing up to our first session of the year. Would we be able to reach our goals? Would we be able to bring our visions to life?  We soon realized though that operating the camera again is just like riding a bike. You never forget how. 

Taylor is graduating from Cal U in May for Homeland Security and wanted portraits to capture her huge achievement. We love trying new things and experimenting with ideas, so as soon as Taylor asked us to do her portraits, we were all for it! We met at Point State Park on a very warm Sunday. Families and friends were everywhere! When you’re a photographer, you have to think about all the obstacles that you may face, and crowds are one of them. It was a challenge at first but nothing can stop us! We walked around finding picturesque backgrounds (which isn’t very hard in Pittsburgh!) and enjoyed the warm spring sun. Right before dusk we took a break and waited for that perfect sunset. We couldn’t have asked for better weather or sunset! Or a more beautiful subject! 

Check out some of our favorite pictures from Taylor’s session! Not only is she smart, she’s absolutely beautiful as well! 

Although college graduation portraits aren’t a huge trend in the area, it’s still very important! If you’re considering a session of your own, here are somethings to keep in mind:

1. You just spent at least two years of your life working for this. Sometimes it’s FOUR to EIGHT years! That’s a large chunk of your life that you spent endless hours studying and working. You may have moved to a different city with complete strangers. You sacrificed a lot, you worked a lot, and you most likely didn’t sleep a lot. Take some time out to celebrate your accomplishments. Portraits are a good way to capture this special moment forever. 

2. Announcements and invitations with your beautiful face is a must! 

3. Now that you’ll be looking for a career, you’ll need to change your LinkedIn picture. What do you think will draw potential employers in more? A cell phone picture from your friend’s 21st birthday or a professional portrait that shows you as the hardworking, strong, intelligent individual that you are?

4. Let’s face it, you aren’t the same kid that you were in your high school senior portraits. You’ve blossomed into an independent, free-thinking person who’s style has probably done a 360 since high school. Updated pictures to reflect your personal growth is never a bad idea! 

Thank you, Taylor for choosing us to capture this amazing milestone of yours. We wish you nothing but the best in your new journey!

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