Jake and I started doing  photography together almost four years ago. Throughout those four years our only mission was to capture beautiful photos for our even more beautiful couples. We dreamt of creating lifelong friendships, lots of laughter and many adventures. All of those dreams have come true. The friends that we have made are hands down the most valuable asset that we have gained. Not the equipment, not the knowledge, and especially not the money we have received. Our “clients” are far more than that. They are the friends that kept us going during our struggles. They are the bright side to our cloudy days. They’ve provided us with so much happiness and have taken us on some of the greatest adventures! 

It is because of these amazing friends that we have decided to quit the photography industry. Yes, you’re reading that right. We quit. You’re probably asking why we’re quitting when we’ve had SO many amazing moments. You see, there’s more to the photography industry than what most realize. You start as an amateur and think “wow, being a professional photographer would be AHMAZING! I can’t wait!” but, it’s not always beautiful. 

Although we hardly consider ourselves professionals just yet, we can say the photography industry is INCREDIBLY tough. It’s brought many tears to my eyes. It’s defeated me several times. Being a photographer is more than just taking photos and editing. You have to think about your social media presence, and make sure your post engagement/post reach remains up. You have to think about your google ranking, SEO, designing your website, your branding, blogging, prices (UGH! Worst thing ever!), improving your techniques ALL the time, marketing, building relationships, equipment, insurance, TAXES (okay, that may be the worst thing ever), and competing with 1,000 other photographers in your area. That last part needs to be bold, underlined and plastered everywhere. From the beginning, we’re fighting with each other. From the moment we start in the photography industry, our main goal is to be bigger, better and busier than the photographer next door. 

We’re tired of the competition. We’re tired of the comparison. We’re quitting the industry but we aren’t putting our cameras down. We are still photographers. 

We’re just  quitting the game.

We’re quitting the expectations that are put onto us from the industry. We’re not the best photographers to ever walk to earth. And of course, we never ever will be. But we can be the best for our friends. We can provide our absolute best and exceed our friends’ greatest expectations. 

We’re quitting the pressure and stress that comes from the industry. We don’t need to be #1 on Google. We don’t need to have the most reviews. The pressure we put on ourselves is hindering us from focusing on what matters - photography and our friends. 

We quit the comparisons and the advice from the industry. Every photographer is different. Different styles, different angles, different ideas, and of course different personalities. That doesn’t make anyone better or worse. That doesn’t make anyone more successful than the other. We’re all great and we need to focus on that. From now on, we will only be comparing ourselves to who we were as photographers last year, two years ago. Heck, even who we were yesterday. The less we worry about everyone else the more time we have to improve who we are and our business. 

We are quitting the industry so our friends receive a better us. We don’t care what the industry thinks of us, all that matters is those that TRUST us to photograph their important moments. 

Somewhere along the crazy road of building our business, we lost a part of ourselves. We slightly lost sight of why we started photography. It was all for you guys. It will always be for you guys! Your memories, your life events, your milestones and your family. THAT’S what is important to us. 

Here’s to an EVEN greater year and to all of the friendships we have gained and will gain! 

Also, a HUGE thank you to all of our photography friends who have helped and supported us and have led us to this business change. You’ve showed us the importance of not comparing ourselves and to always remain strong. THANK YOU

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