Western Beaver Prom 2015 | Rochester Riverfront Park

By Erica Zlatovich

Hey there, friend! May 1st, 2015 was prom for Western Beaver High School. The same school Jake and I graduated from, and where two of our senior model reps attend (Kimmie and Morgan). Our senior models get free prom pictures for the year of their choice, junior or senior. Western Beaver’s junior prom is the most important, unlike most schools who focus more on the senior year. Kimmie and Morgan decided to get their prom pictures done this year. They invited their best friend Shelby, and their handsome dates to get some non traditional portraits at the Rochester Riverfront Park. 

Morgan is my little sister and has been best friends with Kimmie and Shelby for as long as I can remember. It’s crazy to see them all grown up into smart, beautiful young ladies. And of course, being the big sister that I am, I just HAVE to embarrass them a little ;) 

Weren’t they soo cute :P So far this year we’ve had a blast working with our reps and can’t wait for the rest of the adventures that await us! 

How gorgeous are they?! 

Shelby’s High and Magic Roses and hot pink Mini Carnations bouquet was done by her amazingly talented florist mom, Robin. Go check out Ridgemont Farms! ( https://www.facebook.com/RidgemontFarms?fref=ts )

 I also attended the grand march. I wasn’t really planning on taking pictures of the couples on stage because I wanted to sit back and enjoy the moment. But being a photographer makes that kind of hard. Of course I took my camera out and took some photographs of the other beautiful couples as they walked out in front of the audience. I wasn’t really trying, and didn’t have my SB-700 speed light on (didn’t want to blind the whole auditorium!) and the lighting wasn’t ideal, so they aren’t of the best quality. I want to share them with you anyways. 

Simply gorgeous! Congrats to Olivia and Connor for being crowned as Prom king and queen! Hope everyone who attended had a blast! 

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