Black Dog Winery Wedding - Morgan & Ethan

Mr & Mrs Tuxill’s Black Dog Winery Wedding

Morgan & Ethan are two very sweet, gentle people that make you feel right at home when you’re around them. Although it was pretty chilly, windy and rainy for their spring wedding, they radiated warmth and love and didn’t let anything stop them from having such a beautiful wedding! Black Dog Winery made a cozy and intimate wedding venue and it really fit them perfectly! We loved everything about their wedding, but there are two moments that will stick with us forever. Morgan and Ethan passed around their wedding rings for every guest to bless them and their marriage. We often forget what the purpose of wedding guests are for, but this really honored each guest in the greatest way. They aren’t just there to party with you on the day of, but to be there for you throughout your marriage journey - good and bad - and to see you through it all. Your wedding guests are your lifelong support system and will bless your marriage for years to come. It was really cool seeing that moment in person! They also were our VERY first couple to do a REAL send off. They walked through the sparkler send off, got in their car (which their friends decorated as a surprise for them) and headed straight to their honeymoon!  It was a remarkable day and we are so honored to be a part of it! 

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