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  1. Black Dog Winery Wedding - Morgan & Ethan

    2022-08-02 20:47:57 UTC

    Mr & Mrs Tuxill’s Black Dog Winery Wedding Morgan & Ethan are two very sweet, gentle people that make you feel right at home when you’re around them. Although it was pretty chilly, windy and rainy for their spring wedding, they radiated warmth and love and didn’t let anything stop…

  2. Mr & Mrs Barnes - Gateway Clipper Wedding Photography

    2016-12-12 14:35:00 UTC

    It’s been such a pleasure to capture Rob & Brittany’s engagement and wedding memories. They used their engagement photos in the most adorable way for their guest book and favors. Their wedding day went by so perfectly, even with the giant storm that made it’s way to us while on…


    2016-06-22 13:19:00 UTC

    Hey friends! Our season has only just begun and it has already been beyond amazing. We’ve been so busy working with our amazing couples and we couldn’t be more excited for all to come this year! We have three weddings down, seven more to go this year! We are honored…

  4. Our top 20 Wedding Tips- Part 4

    2016-03-02 13:54:00 UTC

    Hey friends! This is the last part in our Wedding Tips series! We have saved the best, and most important for last!  4. Keep the moment sacred! Nothing breaks our heart more when shooting a wedding and the bride is coming down the aisle and all we see is cell…

  5. Our Top 20 Wedding Tips- Part 3

    2016-02-24 15:02:00 UTC

    Hey friends! Here is part three of our wedding tips series! If you’re planning a wedding, or are involved in a wedding make sure you check out this entire series!  9. Keep the process in perspective. No matter how much time is spent planning, organizing or researching, no wedding is…

  6. Our Top 20 Wedding Tips - Part 1

    2016-01-19 13:11:00 UTC

    Planning the best day of your life? Congratulations! Whether you’ve been engaged for a day or for a year, I’m sure you’ve already read hundreds of articles and blogs with advice from former brides. The advice is truly endless. However, is it only one sided advice? Yes, advice from other…


    2016-01-18 14:13:00 UTC

    It’s no doubt that today’s generation is the most photographed. In today’s world, almost everyone owns a smart phone, tablet, digital camera, camcorder, etc. Technology literally runs our lives. Every wedding we photograph, we see more and more people watching the wedding through their screens, rather than live in the…

  8. Mr and Mrs Luck - Gateway Clipper Fleet Wedding

    2015-10-03 00:07:00 UTC

    Skipped the small talk this time and got straight to what was important, this BEAUTIFUL wedding! Joeylynne and Jon were such a pleasure to work with, and of course it’s always a pleasure to photograph a Gateway Clipper wedding! We will never get tired of photographing a couple’s love in…

  9. Jim and Jen | Carnival Engagement Session

    2015-07-24 01:20:00 UTC

    When Jim and Jen announced their engagement, we were over the moon excited for them! They were our teachers in high school, and just like the rest of our peers, we were waiting very impatiently for them to start dating, and then become engaged. When they scheduled a meeting with…

  10. What love looks like | Amber & Seth | Rochester Riverfront Park

    2015-05-31 21:39:00 UTC

    By Erica Zlatovich It’s truly an honor being a photographer. People hire you to capture the best moments and milestones of their lives. These moments of change, excitement and growth will be looked back on for decades to come. The  fact that  our  clients  trust  us  to  capture  something  that…


    2015-04-19 22:52:00 UTC

    Hey there friend! Thanks for stopping by to read our VERY first blog post! We are so excited to have you here!  We love hearing about all the future plans our senior clients have. We love seeing our brides & grooms grow and build their lives together. We love staying…

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