It’s no doubt that today’s generation is the most photographed. In today’s world, almost everyone owns a smart phone, tablet, digital camera, camcorder, etc. Technology literally runs our lives. Every wedding we photograph, we see more and more people watching the wedding through their screens, rather than live in the moment technology free. We believe your guests should have their own photos of your big day, but we also believe an unplugged wedding may be more enjoyable for both you and your guests. 

You hire a professional photographer for a reason. You love their work, and you fully trust them to capture your wedding day. After all, you are paying them to capture your special moments. This is their JOB. You aren’t paying your guests, though. You invite your guests to witness your wedding. You want them to enjoy this day with you. But are they really fully enjoying themselves if they are watching you through an LCD screen? Chances are, they don’t even know what’s going on or being said. I know when I’m photographing a wedding, I usually don’t. I know you are saying your vows, but if you asked me to repeat or summarize them, I wouldn’t be able to, even though I was standing four feet away from you. I’m not fully in YOUR moment. I’m completely focused on photographing your moments, just like your guests are. Weddings go by so fast, and when distracting devices are added into the mix, it’s all a blur that most don’t remember. 

There have been times were a guest has stood up in front of one of us to get their shot with their cell phone. There have been times we have had to bend completely side ways in an already very tight space to photograph around guests. There have been times a guest has stood up right in front of us during the first kiss and blocked our shot. Of course, we never miss a shot because there is two of us. However, one of us might not be at an ideal angle to capture the moment. 

Your guests should be FULLY focused on you, your day and enjoying every single moment. If you’re planning a wedding, please consider going unplugged, at least during the ceremony. 

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