Hey friends! Our season has only just begun and it has already been beyond amazing. We’ve been so busy working with our amazing couples and we couldn’t be more excited for all to come this year! We have three weddings down, seven more to go this year! We are honored to be spending this time with all ten of our couples and are so thankful they chose us to be their photographers! We are preparing for a busy and successful 2017, with a couple weddings booked already! We recommend the sooner you book your photographer the better. If you know someone who is planning a 2017 (or even 2018) wedding please pass them our names! 

In the past we have paid pretty big companies to be featured on their wedding websites. It’s a great approach and works well, however we are changing things up this year. We believe that word of mouth and positive experience can be the best forms of marketing, which is why we want to invest locally and reward the people who talk about us rather than spend it all on online advertising. It works like this. If you like our work and tell your friends about us, for each shoot we book, we will give you cash. $100 per wedding, $25 per senior shoot. So what’s stopping you from telling your friends?! It’s a win win situation for both of you! 

We are located in Beaver PA but travel to surrounding areas such as Pittsburgh, Erie, Ohio and West Virginia. Destination weddings are also welcomed! 

Here’s a look at some of our most recent work!

Thank you all for keeping us busy doing what we absolutely love! 

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