What love looks like | Amber & Seth | Rochester Riverfront Park

By Erica Zlatovich

It’s truly an honor being a photographer. People hire you to capture the best moments and milestones of their lives. These moments of change, excitement and growth will be looked back on for decades to come. The  fact that  our  clients  trust  us  to  capture  something  that  is  so  important  to  them  is  forever  appreciated. There are so many great things about being a photographer, but the best would have to be seeing how much love a couple has for each other. With a press of the shutter button, we freeze that precious look, smile, kiss forever. It hurts my heart to see people who don’t believe in love, to hear people say love is never real. Amber and Seth could surely change your mind. Not only did we capture the love between them, but we captured what love really looks like. 

Amber and Seth have been together for six years, and if you ask them, they’ll tell you it hasn’t been easy. No relationship is. Seth made the great sacrifice to serve for his country, and Amber patiently waited for his return. After being in South Korea for a year, they are FINALLY reunited, this time for good. Their love and happiness is so radiant and obvious. They made our job so easy, not just because they’re ADORABLE, but also because of how comfortable and relaxed they were together. They weren’t afraid to be themselves and have fun! 

They’re so cute, I can’t even take it! Thank you, Amber and Seth for letting us photograph you. It was our pleasure, and we wish you the absolute best! 

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