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  1. Mr & Mrs Dinsmore - Beaver Train Station

    2018-12-10 17:14:00 UTC

    We take great honor in photographing all weddings, but this wedding was a personal honor. Although Jake and I never talked in high school, we both had a mutual friend and that was John. Being that he was a good friend and we have a lot in common, we were…

  2. {Sneak Peeks} Moira and Mark’s Strip District Engagement

    2017-03-07 13:40:00 UTC

    We love when we get to explore new places we haven’t shot at before, especially with such a sweet couple like Moira and Mark! It was so chilly during their session but they totally rocked it! We are so excited to photograph their Gateway Clipper Wedding in September! Here are…

  3. {Jake & Kelsey} Phipps Conservatory Proposal

    2016-08-09 12:07:00 UTC

    On July 1st, Kelsey said YES to spending forever with Jake and we had the pleasure to capture it for them! They would be moving two hours away shortly and Jake knew this would be his last opportunity to pop the question beforehand. They planned a night out with friends…

  4. Christine & Hunter - High School Sweetheart Engagement

    2016-07-06 14:02:00 UTC

    I remember seeing Christine and Hunter walking down the halls together in high school as a little 8th grader, and thinking “I can’t wait to have that kind of relationship!”. Although I never talked to them, or even knew anything about their relationship, I just knew what they had together…

  5. Mr and Mrs Luck - Gateway Clipper Fleet Wedding

    2015-10-03 00:07:00 UTC

    Skipped the small talk this time and got straight to what was important, this BEAUTIFUL wedding! Joeylynne and Jon were such a pleasure to work with, and of course it’s always a pleasure to photograph a Gateway Clipper wedding! We will never get tired of photographing a couple’s love in…

  6. Jim and Jen | Carnival Engagement Session

    2015-07-24 01:20:00 UTC

    When Jim and Jen announced their engagement, we were over the moon excited for them! They were our teachers in high school, and just like the rest of our peers, we were waiting very impatiently for them to start dating, and then become engaged. When they scheduled a meeting with…

  7. Kim | Senior Portraits | Thompson Park, Ohio

    2015-07-03 00:59:00 UTC

    You guys ready for some crazy gorgeousness? Introducing our beautiful senior model rep, Kimmie. I seriously don’t think this girl could take a bad picture even if she tried. Okay, that’s a fib. I’ve seen some of her goofy snapchats… ;) Not so much bad as embarrassing… BUT. She did…

  8. What love looks like | Amber & Seth | Rochester Riverfront Park

    2015-05-31 21:39:00 UTC

    By Erica Zlatovich It’s truly an honor being a photographer. People hire you to capture the best moments and milestones of their lives. These moments of change, excitement and growth will be looked back on for decades to come. The  fact that  our  clients  trust  us  to  capture  something  that…

  9. Kaine’s Prom Portraits | Lake Forest Gardens

    2015-05-26 22:05:00 UTC

    Hey there, friends! Remember this pretty girl? She was one of our senior model reps last year! All of our reps get free prom pictures with their date and friends and boy was Kaine’s group gorgeous! We met at the Lake Forest Gardens in Fombell, PA which was the most…


    2015-04-19 22:52:00 UTC

    Hey there friend! Thanks for stopping by to read our VERY first blog post! We are so excited to have you here!  We love hearing about all the future plans our senior clients have. We love seeing our brides & grooms grow and build their lives together. We love staying…

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