Mr & Mrs Dinsmore - Beaver Train Station

We take great honor in photographing all weddings, but this wedding was a personal honor. Although Jake and I never talked in high school, we both had a mutual friend and that was John. Being that he was a good friend and we have a lot in common, we were super excited when him and Monica asked if we’d photograph their wedding. We didn’t know Monica very well, but as we worked more and more with the two of them we could clearly see what a match they were for each other. They completely balance each other out and, like Jake and I, you can tell they are best friends! 

We knew John and Monica would be very fun and laidback on their wedding day and that’s exactly what happened! The day went by so smoothly and with their goofy and relaxed nature, it was an amazing wedding! The Beaver Train Station was amazing to work with and provided the perfect venue to match their vision. Monica’s dress went along with the Train Station perfectly! 

As I photographed the girls getting ready, Jake took the guys outside to grab some car and group photos. Knowing John as the “car guy” it was an absolute must! 

The father daughter first look was one of our favorite parts of the day. You could tell Jeff, Monica’s dad, was really trying to keep it all together as he waited for his daughter. And of course, once he saw his little girl as a bride they both had tears flowing. It was a very touching moment!

Jake and I took our places for the ceremony to begin. I positioned myself up on the alter and Jake was down below in the tent. Being able to get different angles and moments is so important! John got into his spot up on the alter and I could tell he, too, was holding it all back. As Monica got closer though I could see his eyes tearing up and getting red. And of course, Monica couldn’t hold back her tears as she saw her very soon to be husband. It was a beautiful moment that always melts my heart. 

With me being able to get up close, but out of eyesight, I was able to get some really awesome close up shots of them exchanging rings and more of the emotional aspects of the ceremony. 

Monica’s timeline after the ceremony was perfect and gave us ample time to get a TON of family portraits. We always say the more time the better, and because there was no traveling involved in this wedding after the ceremony, the guests were able to take this time to settle in, explore the beautiful area and enjoy the atmosphere. The gazebo was filled with direct, harsh sunlight immediately after the ceremony so we had to make a last minute change and reposition the groups to the far end, towards the train track. Although it’s not the gazebo, we really love how the trees make the groups stand out and adds a summery vibe. 

Up next, they were introduced as the new Mr and Mrs Dinsmore, they cut their cake, and their bridal party gave beautiful speeches. Dinner began - which was amazing! - and afterwards we brought them back out around sunset to grab more portraits of them. It gave them a chance to relax and have a little down time with each other. Some of these portraits were actually test shots for lighting. They were only half posed, but John and Monica are just so perfect that those ended up being our favorites! 

And then the party began! 

We also snuck them out one last night for some night portraits! The Beaver Train Station provides a beautiful backdrop any time of the day! 

It was a perfect wedding and we are so grateful for them, their family and friends, and of course the wonderful staff of the train station. Everyone was so so helpful, welcoming and fun! We can’t wait to shoot there again in 2019! 

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