Our Top 20 Wedding Tips- Part 3

Hey friends! Here is part three of our wedding tips series! If you’re planning a wedding, or are involved in a wedding make sure you check out this entire series! 

9. Keep the process in perspective. No matter how much time is spent planning, organizing or researching, no wedding is perfect. And that’s okay! It doesn’t have to be perfect. Sometimes the unplanned events turn out to be the best! Don’t worry about rain. Don’t worry about planning out every second and sticking to that schedule. Roll with the unexpected and have fun! 

8. Spend the extra money on a fantastic DJ. It is definitely worth it! Keep in mind these are the people who set the mood and bring energy to your day! You could have an audience of party/dancing lovers but without the right DJ, you may find the dance floor empty. Our favorite entertainers are First Class Entertainment and Dj Diehlz Entertainment. These guys know how to throw a party and bring so much fun and high energy to every event! Plus they treat you like royalty! You won’t find better DJs anywhere! 

7. Provide a detailed hand out to everyone in the wedding party. You should have an outline of locations, time to be there, what each person needs to bring, etc. You should also provide a list of people to call and their numbers. The bride should be the LAST person to be called, but most only think of calling her first. By providing phone numbers of people to call in emergencies or for questions, it eliminates the amount of chaos and stress presented to the bride while she has a list of other things to do. 

6. Do a first look moment! Plan a time before the ceremony with your soon to be husband! Most of the time, the walking down the aisle process is too complicated. Most brides are stumbling in their shoes, nervous, and can’t look up because they’re stepping on their dress. A first look allows you to take your time, soak up his expressions, enjoy the most precious emotions, and have some one on one time! It may be your only chance to soak it all in before the day begins! 

5. Be strict with the guest list. Decide whether everyone gets a plus 1, or if children are allowed at the reception. Couples tend to invite everyone they’ve ever associated with, plus their significant other and then their children. Having an adult only (or only children of immediate relation) reception significantly decreases your costs, and allows the adults to let go and have fun! 

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