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  1. Samantha & Will - Brady’s Run Park Wedding - Beaver County Wedding Photographers

    2016-11-30 14:48:00 UTC

    In the wedding industry, there’s always a first for everything. For Sam & Will’s wedding, it was that we had never met them before. We always meet with our brides & grooms multiple times before their wedding, but since they are stationed hours away from us, it wasn’t possible. Regardless…

  2. Our top 20 Wedding Tips- Part 4

    2016-03-02 13:54:00 UTC

    Hey friends! This is the last part in our Wedding Tips series! We have saved the best, and most important for last!  4. Keep the moment sacred! Nothing breaks our heart more when shooting a wedding and the bride is coming down the aisle and all we see is cell…

  3. Our Top 20 Wedding Tips- Part 3

    2016-02-24 15:02:00 UTC

    Hey friends! Here is part three of our wedding tips series! If you’re planning a wedding, or are involved in a wedding make sure you check out this entire series!  9. Keep the process in perspective. No matter how much time is spent planning, organizing or researching, no wedding is…


    2016-02-17 13:22:00 UTC

    OUR PHILOSOPHY  We refuse to refer to those  we photograph as “clients”. To us, you’re  more  than that.  Each  bride and groom, along with their families, are our friends. We spend too  much one on one time with our couples to even consider them as just clients. Often times, we…


    2016-02-16 18:04:00 UTC

    We LOVE our jobs! Sweet messages like this melt our heart!  I don’t even know where to start. We are so glad that we chose Erica and Jake to capture the memories of our special day. They are very professional and extremely talented, you can definitely tell that they love…

  6. Our Top 20 Wedding Tips- Part 2

    2016-02-01 16:24:00 UTC

    Hey Friends! Welcome to E&J’s top twenty wedding tips, part 2! Here are some more tips to help make your day run smoothly and stress free!  14. Book your vendors EARLY! This is so important! It breaks our hearts when a sweet bride contacts us, and we really mesh well…

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