Our Top 20 Wedding Tips- Part 2

Hey Friends! Welcome to E&J’s top twenty wedding tips, part 2! Here are some more tips to help make your day run smoothly and stress free! 

14. Book your vendors EARLY! This is so important! It breaks our hearts when a sweet bride contacts us, and we really mesh well together, only to find out we are booked for her date! We recommend booking vendors a year to a year and a half in advance, especially if you’re date is during prime wedding season, August through October! Booking early also allows you to really build a relationship with them, which helps make the wedding day craziness so much easier! 

13. Do a dollar dance! (money dance) This is more of a suggestion, but it’s one of our favorites! We’ve talked a lot of our couples into doing one and they loved it! Weddings go by SO fast. And often times, especially with bigger weddings, you simply won’t have the opportunity to spend any time with some guests. You’ll thank them for coming or smile and wave at them as you walk by, but if they aren’t immediate family or closest of friends, you may find yourself sad that you didn’t get to spend more time with them. A dollar dance brings more people out on the dance floor with you for one on one time. It also helps the photographers get pictures of them with you when they normally wouldn’t have! PLUS, they make for the best pictures. 

12. Pull guests aside for pictures! Prints make great inserts for Thank You cards, and it helps tell your wedding day story more! 

11. FAKE FLOWERS! Although I love pretty smelling flowers just as much as the next lady, I definitely love the idea of silk flower designs. Several benefits, you can keep your beautiful  bouquet FOREVER. You don’t have to worry about crushing or breaking flowers when you have to set them down. It can also help keep costs down! Go check out All Occasion Silk Creations ;) 

10. Uplighting is a must! Take your venue from beautiful to drop dead stunning. It seriously makes all the difference. 

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